22 June 2024, Saturday | 11:46am

Budget 2021: NGO calls for more emphasis on e-sports development


KUALA LUMPUR  -- Electronic sports or ‘e-sports’ which are gaining popularity among various age segments should be given special emphasis in Budget 2021, says Esports Kuala Lumpur Association (ESKL) president Hisham Darus.

He said in the face of new norms affecting all economic and sports sectors in the country, e-sports could prove to be the most effective platform to help the community comply with government directives such as holding online tournaments and webinar sessions.

"Representing the voices of the e-Sports community in Malaysia, I urge for an appropriate amount to the allocated for the development of the electronic sports industry under Budget 2021 which will be tabled this Friday," he said in a statement issued by ESKL today.

Hisham said there should special emphasis on educating the community on approaching e-sports in a healthy and responsible manner.

According to him, Malaysia is also lagging behind other countries in the region in terms of infrastructure and grassroots development.

"I am confident that if this development allocation can be provided, the cooperation between the government and the respective associations and the community will definitely enable Malaysia to produce more world-class professional athletes," he said.

In the meantime, Hisham said the e-sports ecosystem also included various elements that could contribute to the country's economic development such as the organising of tournaments, coaching and content creation.

Under Budget 2020, a total of RM20 million was allocated by the government for the development of e-sports in Malaysia, double the amount provided in 2019.



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