22 June 2024, Saturday | 10:17am

Waze announces Railway Crossing Alerts in latest update


Waze has announced a new feature that will alert users approaching a railroad crossing to ensure the safety of drivers everywhere, including Malaysia.

In the latest version of the Waze app, this new feature will automatically alert drivers via a banner highlighting the crossing and encouraging the driver to approach with caution.

Available now globally, local Waze map editors have played an important role in incorporating railroad crossings to the map in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, the UK, Italy, Israel, Brazil, Colombia, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Argentine, Chile, Uruguay, New Zealand, Netherlands and Ireland.

“The Railroad Crossing feature is a result of a cross-industry, cross-sector collaboration, both internally within Waze and the community, working together to help fellow drivers map out all highway-railroad intersections,” said Dani Simons, Head of Public Sector Partnerships, Waze.

“This feature exemplifies Waze’s commitment to building for its Driving app, being the first to implement features and emphasizes our focus on safety.”

This feature is now available on Android and iOS. For more information, please visit Waze.com

Source: The Sun Daily


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