22 June 2024, Saturday | 11:10am

Personal protection equipment becomes focus of Raya preparations


BUTTERWORTH, May 21  --With just a few days of Ramadan left, Muslims are busy making last-minute preparations to celebrate  Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

While in previous years, this would be the time when the shopping centres are packed with people buying new clothes and other necessities for the festival, this year sees people adding hygiene protection items such as disinfectants, masks and thermometers to their list.

As part of his adjustment to the new normal, safety supervisor Hasnizi Othman @ Osman said he will give priority to using disinfectants and masks in the daily activities as these items are necessities.

“There must be sanitisers and masks...and I will also be using rubber gloves when doing outdoor work as I feel this is safer and can reduce the risk of infection,” he told Bernama when met here today.

Hasnizi who is from Pendang, Kedah, said his preparations for Hari Raya year were low-key as he was worried about the COVID-19 situation.

Marketing executive Ilyana Abdul Rahman, 24, said the Aidilfitri celebrations this year have been toned down as her family decided not to receive visitors except close relatives.

Ilyana who lives with her parents and siblings said her family always ensured there was sufficient supply of gloves, masks and sanitiser for daily use and they have even bought a thermometer to gauge the health of relatives who visit them during the celebrations.

“Previously, we never needed to use these items, but now they are essential for when we go out because we do not want to bring the virus home and infect the family. Do not be upset if the occupants of a house do not allow you to enter their home, but be happy that you have helped protect them from infection,” she said.

Meanwhile, Hasmarizal Abdul Hamid, 43, who makes personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety items said the demand for masks, sanitiser, disinfectants, rubber gloves, thermometers and portable sanitation machines have increased by 50 per cent since the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, many customers to his shop now are private individuals when before it used to be industry representatives who sought these items.

The director of Renzo Ventures said the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone especially concerning personal hygiene and safety.

“Previously, people were less aware about the use of safety equipment, but now they take measures to face the new normal,” he said.



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