21 May 2024, Tuesday | 01:14pm

The Malaysian Tongkat Ali is a highly sought-after herbal supplement amongst millennials. Here is what we know.


Once believed to be the best herbal remedy for men’s health, Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) has grown its popularity due to its versatility; from functional food to performance ingredient in sports supplement and taken as dietary supplement to improve overall vitality.

As some millennials are fast approaching in their mid-thirties, there has been a growing trend in natural wellness – which include herbal remedies with proven results to promote overall health.

Alongside healthy diet and exercises, herbal supplement such as Tongkat Ali is increasingly popular as a “magic pill” – one with many benefits. Dubbed as the Malaysian Ginseng, Tongkat Ali is blessed with an array of benefits which often exceeds what Panax Ginseng can offer.

“We have seen a tremendous growth of online consumers that purchase our products as far as United States and Canada. It is common for a consumer to buy 10 bottles of AKARALI in a single purchase”, said Dzul Aidil, the marketing lead for AKARALI in Malaysia.

“Consumers are beginning to appreciate that premium Tongkat Ali is a rarity and finding a reputable brand with proven results is like finding a needle in a haystack”, he added.

AKARALI was coined from a combination of two Malay words; “Akar” which translates to root in English, and the word “Ali”. The word AKARALI equates to “Tongkat Ali root”, or more commonly known as Long Jack in other countries.

Recent waves of research studies have extended the health benefits from consuming Tongkat Ali. There are twelve scientific-based evidence that supports multiple health claims from Tongkat Ali including increasing testosterone, improving mood (and reducing stress & tension), improving fertility in men, increasing muscle strength and promoting fat loss in both men and women.

With improved quality over the years, the best Tongkat Ali cannot be described in words, but rather it needs to be experienced. The extraction technology and the quality control on the raw ingredient and harvesting techniques have made Tongkat Ali from Malaysia one of the best that money can buy.

Placing the acquired bitter taste aside, consuming Tongkat Ali in capsule form is the most common amongst millennials these days. The boost of energy can be felt within few hours and made it popular if you need to reduce a hangover from excessive drinking, or if you plan a longer fun time with your partner after a long stressful day at work.

Could this “magic herbal pill” continue to be popular amongst the trendy millennials, or does it appeal to the workaholic Gen-X and melancholic baby boomers?

Time will decide. However, as long as you are above 35, your gradual reduction of testosterone will inevitably lead you to restore that long lost energy and spark.

And that is when you decide that Tongkat Ali is your best companion. Next to your partner, that is.


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