17 February 2020, Monday | 09:30pm


MAHB pilots single token journey concept at KLIA


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) is piloting its single token journey concept at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The concept leverages on facial recognition technology to provide passengers with a single identification verification which is used at all airport touchpoints from check-in to the boarding gate.

MAHB issues travel advisory for Chinese New Year

SEPANG: In anticipation of a busy travel period, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) have issued a travel advisory to passengers travelling via its airports for the upcoming school holidays and Chinese New Year period.

Immigration Arrival Area at klia2 is Now Twice as Large

SEPANG: Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) announced that it had successfully expanded the immigration arrival area to almost twice its original size, thus doubling its capacity from before.

EPF warns of phishing attempt using fake EPF website

Kuala Lumpur: The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has identified a viral message claiming that members who worked between 1990 and 2019 are entitled to an RM10,000 incentive from the EPF. The EPF states that the viral message and contents are false and does not come from the EPF.

Pay it forward, keep toilets clean

SEPANG: With Visit Malaysia Year 2020 just a few months away, tourist arrivals are expected to increase significantly.

It is important to give a positive impression to tourists by displaying a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in our public facilities.

MAHB: Airports will only be closed if visibility drops below 400 metres

KUALA LUMPUR — Airports will only enforce the low visibility operating procedures when the horizontal visibility drops below 400 metres, said Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB).

As at 2pm today, the visibility is at 2,000 metres despite the current haze, said a spokesman of the airport operator.

Malaysians, much better together

American band The Strokes came up with a masterpiece of a song titled Alone, Together in which it encapsulates how one can still be together, although apart. While the Americans strives on being alone, Malaysians on the other hand, find ourselves blossoming in togetherness- celebrating our glorious melting pot of cultures. And as we enter the 62nd year of independence, it is more vital than ever that we preserve our nation’s unity.

MAHB highlights airport amenities via #MYairportsfacilities

Airports all around the globe are working hard to ensure that travellers have a great experience at their hubs. The Kuala Lumpur International Airport is no exception to the game, as various facilities have been graciously provided to travellers throughout the years.

Nora Anne's post-mortem results to be announced at 2pm

SEREMBAN: The post-mortem results on the body of Irish teen Nora Anne Quoirin, who was found in a ravine near The Dusun resort on Tuesday, will be announced at 2pm today (Aug 15).

Man held for trying to ram car into cops

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Police arrested a man and are on the hunt for his accomplice after they attempted to ram their car into several policemen who wanted to inspect the vehicle.