5 June 2020, Friday | 07:21pm

Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones cipta rekod, terima 32 pencalonan Anugerah Emmy


MUSIM terakhir siri Game of Thrones (GoT) berjaya memperoleh 32 pencalonan Anugerah Emmy yang diumumkan pada Selasa, sekaligus mencipta rekod sebagai penerima pencalonan terbanyak dalam sejarah anugerah berprestij itu.

Record viewership for Game Of Thrones

SOME 17.4 million Americans watched the first episode of the final season of television’s Game of Thrones – a record audience for the medieval fantasy series, cable channel HBO said on April 15.

Fans Spotted Something Creepy Scene From ‘Game Of Thrones’

There may be a “ghost” hanging around Winterfell, and we’re not talking about Jon Snow’s direwolf.

The complex linguistic universe of “Game of Thrones”

WINNING 38 Emmy awards is a good measure of success. “Game of Thrones” garnered that many for its portrayal of a world of sex, violence and politics.

Let this Game of Thrones chatbot refresh your memory on what everyone’s up to

As Game of Thrones approaches its seventh year, it can be tricky to remember where we last saw our favorite characters, let alone the minor ones that have died along the way. And then there’s the general trivia, like the names of Daenerys’ dragons (all of which sound like futuristic tech companies).

Game of Thrones reveals 6 photos from Sunday's huge finale

Sunday’s Game of Thrones will not only be the longest episode in the show’s history, it’s also shaping up to be one of the most mysterious and dramatic. Below are 6 new photos from the 69-minute finale, titled – in a shout-out to author George R.R. Martin – “The Winds of Winter.” Like last week’s epic “Battle of the Bastards,” the episode is written by showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss and directed by Miguel Sapochnik.

TV Views - Kill Ramsay

WHO doesn’t ‘love’ a good villain? If any television series has more than its fair share of nasty people, it is undoubtedly Game of Thrones.

Dead or alive? What now for Game Of Thrones' Jon Snow

The cast of Game Of Thrones wants to make one thing clear – Jon Snow is dead.

Really, honestly, seriously dead. Couldn't be less alive.

Game Of Thrones season 6 trailer: Jon Snow’s ‘death’, Danaerys’ Dothraki encounter and much more

When it ended last June, Game Of Thrones' fifth season left its viewers where it always does — on tenterhooks. And after months of playing peek-a-boo with us — a still here, a teaser there — we finally have a trailer for the highly anticipated sixth season, which airs on April 24.