2 April 2020, Thursday | 10:40pm


Four men nabbed, drugs worth RM1.3m seized


KUALA LUMPUR: Police have arrested four men and seized more than 16 kilograms of drugs worth about RM1.3 million in operations here.

3M: Molly, Mcdonald, Magic Mushroom, popular drugs among youths: Narcotics Chief


KUALA LUMPUR: The drugs known as 3M – ‘Molly’, ‘Mcdonald’ and ‘Magic Mushroom’ have been identified as the preferred choice among youngsters especially at parties or entertainment premises since early last year until today.

Australia seizes A$1.26bn of methylamphetamine

Australian law enforcement agencies have discovered A$1.26bn of methylamphetamine hidden in imported boxes of silicon bra inserts and art supplies. It is the country’s largest haul of the illicit drug in its liquid form, officials said.

Penang International Airport: half a million Eramin 5 pills worth about RM8 million seized

GEORGE TOWN: Smuggling drugs into the country, via cargo shipping, is becoming a trend among drug syndicates. State Narcotics Department chief Superintendent Guan Beng Kang said the smugglers, from other countries, would usually ship the drugs, declared as an innocuous item, to a local forwarding agent here.

The dangers of antibiotic resistance

When a patient has a bacterial infection, they get prescribed antibiotics. But more and more often these drugs are not working because pathogens have developed defense mechanisms against them.