31 March 2020, Tuesday | 12:38am

Wife of controversial preacher PU Abu, Hana Azraa shares how she gave birth without her husband


PETALING JAYA — Controversial preacher PU Abu Sufyan was nowhere to be seen when wife Hana Azraa gave birth to their newborn son earlier this month.

Speaking about her experience while in labour, Nurhannah Azra Mohd Zakir, or better known as Hana, took to Instagram to share what it was like to give birth to her second child without her husband by her side.

The cosmetics entrepreneur uploaded a post onto her official Instagram depicting the events that led to the safe and successful delivery of her newborn son, Muhammad Uwais Al-Mateen.

Hana explained that on that night on February 1, she started getting contractions after a late-night shower.

“I first started having the contractions at around 1am, right after having a bath because it was a hot night,” said Hana.

She added that she then immediately opened the baby tracker app on her phone, to keep track of the frequency of her contractions, to check if they were the pregnancy contractions.

“I had to keep track of it because I was almost full term. This was already 39 weeks and three days into my pregnancy,” said Hana.

She explained while keeping track of her contractions to see if she was going into labour, she went back and forth from the bathroom to relieve herself and finally realised she was going to give birth.

“I kept going to the bathroom and when I started to go more often, I checked the tracker and it said I was having contractions every ten minutes,” said Hana.

“I knew that these were the labour contractions and got myself into the mindset that I’m going into labour now.”

Despite her contractions being closer apart, Hana still remained calm as she explained that she only got ready to go to the hospital when she noticed a bloody discharge while using the toilet.

She then proceeded to have a shower and clean up, while packing some things to bring to the hospital.

“After frantically packing I saw it was already 4 am. I went to the bathroom again and there was more blood this time,” said Hana.

“I was extremely nervous, so I decided to wake up my father and ask him to take me to the hospital. I really pitied him because he was sleeping so peacefully.”

Once at the hospital, Hana was brought to the Patient Assessment Centre (PAC) to be readied to go into labour.

She expressed that having given birth to her first child, Afifah Aisyah, via caesarean delivery, she was eager to experience the feeling of a “real birth” this time around.

“I can’t describe the pain. When I had Aisyah, whenever I felt the pain, I’d just ask for an epidural. Then I felt much better,” said Hana.

“But this time around I was determined. No matter what happens, I wasn’t going to take an epidural. I was determined to feel what it’s like to give birth the normal way.”

At 6 am, Hana was escorted into the delivery room when she began dilating at 5 centimetres and by 6:59 am, Muhammad Uwais Al-Mateen was born weighing in at a  healthy 3.12 kilogrammes.

“That’s the end of the story. Nothing special but I’m very grateful that God helped me through it,” said Hana.

With no mention of her husband, PU Abu, who wasn’t in attendance at the hospital, it is believed that he is on a religious mission in Mecca as part of a 40-man congregation.

There have also been reports that the preacher wasn’t by Hana’s side as she plans to divorce him, stating last week that their “fate was not long”.

Hana and Abu got married in May last year and now have one child together.



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