15 August 2020, Saturday | 07:38am

Unifi offers free access to all channels #dudukrumah #juststayathome


KUALA LUMPUR: Unifi has decided to make all its channels on unifi TV free, including premium channels, which will cater to a wider range of content demands from the whole family. This free access will also apply to linked unifi playTV accounts that are accessible for up to five users to view different channels and digital content, at the same time.

TM’s chief commercial officer of TM, Anand Vijayan, said, “The move to open up all of our channels and premium content is designed as an incentive for people to stay at home. We will also address other pain points experienced by customers during this period. This includes the need for more data and concerns on technical support. We hope by encouraging more people to stay at home, we can help flatten the curve.”

Whilst home Internet users enjoy unlimited data, the same might not be true for most mobile users. To help keep them connected worry-free, unifi will also allow greater flexibility in their data plan.

“A lot of mobile-only users are students or renters, most of whom did not need a dedicated home Internet plan. Now, with more people spending time at home with family, there is naturally an increased need for data. This is to accommodate work-from-home arrangements or even attend lectures remotely, and greater options for entertainment. This change of lifestyle and increased demand for data is very sudden and we would like to alleviate their connectivity concerns without having them rush to make new or higher commitments,” says Anand.

For existing mobile postpaid unlimited customers, unifi will be extending a 999GB free LTE hotspot pass, a boost from their existing 10GB LTE hotspot pass. Increasing the cap will let them to share their mobile Internet with several devices at home, including to a Smart TV or laptop. At the same time, #BEBAS prepaid customers will be given a 7-day unlimited data pass so they will not have to worry about constantly topping-up their credit when they need more data.

The company hopes with the increase in data allowance, mobile users will find the situation more bearable. Customers will receive the FREE 999GB LTE hotspot pass within the next two days and they can check their account via selfcare at unifi portal or on their myunifi app. #BEBAS prepaid sim customers can redeem their 7-day unlimited pass via their #BEBAS app.

Finally, with limited movement allowed, unifi would like to ask customers needing technical support or help with their accounts to fully utilise its digital customer service channels which will limit the need for physical interactions and reduce risk. These channels include the customer service portal on unifi’s website, myunifi app, and social media platforms at Facebook @weareunifi and Twitter @helpmeunifi, where customers can manage their accounts, perform simple troubleshooting, and even live chat with unifi service advisors who are on standby to provide necessary guidance or support.

For more information, visit www.unifi.com.my.

Source: New Straits Times


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