29 February 2020, Saturday | 09:24pm

TM to offer Unifi Air with unlimited data at RM79, according to leaked slide


A slide leaked on social media platforms, purportedly from a Telekom Malaysia (TM) presentation, details the company’s plan to offer Unifi Air with unlimited data at a discounted price RM79.

According to the slide titled "Proposed Plans Consumer/SME", the original price for the Unifi Air plan is RM129 and it will come with the Huawei B618-65D LTE device which operates on the 2.3MHz band. 

It’s claimed to be able to connect up to 64 devices unlike mobile hotspots which are usually limited to three to five devices. 

The plan will come with a 24-month contract but there will be no upfront fee, and users don’t have to make an appointment for a technician as they can install it themselves. 

Users will also be given a one-month free waiver, according to the slide. 

This is not the first time TM is unveiling a plan that uses the B618-65D LTE router – in March, it announced the commercial rollout of a similar service in 
Setiawalk, Puchong

The service, called Unifi Home Wireless Broadband, costs RM79 a month and has a 60GB data quota, and users are given the choice to purchase the router for RM565.

At the launch, Unifi acting executive vice president Moharmustaqeem Mohammed said there are currently about 1,000 households with Unifi Home Wireless Broadband in Setiawalk that are already enjoying the service. 

He claimed the pre-5G network, which uses Time Division Complex (TDD) technology, tops out at 500Mbps, which is twice the speed of a 4G network.

Read more at The Star https://bit.ly/2XQ6PKB

Picture credit - How To Geek

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