18 September 2019, Wednesday | 09:55am

South Thailand Administrative Council head shot dead


YALA: The president of the Tha Thong Administrative Council in Raman District, Yala in Southern Thailand was fatally shot while on his way home after breaking fast with family members yesterday.

In the 7.40pm (local time) incident, Sama-ae Sama, 55, was gunned down while riding his motorcycle home.

Yala Region Criminal Investigations Chief Colonel Pol. Suriyan Jantawong said he was seriously injured and died later at the Raman Hospital.

“Police found five gunshot wounds in his chest and two more on his right wrist. Police also found two empty bullet shells and pistol at the scene of the crime,“ he told reporters here.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the victim was gunned down by four unknown men.

Police are not ruling out the possibility that deceased was the victim of a conflict in local politics. — Bernama



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