3 August 2020, Monday | 09:02pm

Singaporeans love CNY so much, they spent S$2.3 billion on it – that’s more than double the amount for 11.11 sales



Love everything about Chinese New Year: the snacks, the new clothes, and the family gatherings?

You’re definitely not alone – according to Google’s search data, Chinese New Year surpassed Christmas as the most searched festival in Singapore, with two thirds of the country looking for CNY-related information 1.5 months before the celebrations, the tech giant said on Wednesday (Jan 8).

Describing Singaporeans as a people that “take it very seriously planning and getting ready for the annual celebrations”, Google said the search volume of CNY queries in Singapore was among the highest in Asia – even surpassing Malaysia and Hong Kong, which have similar-sized ethnic Chinese populations.

The number of CNY-related searches also went up a third between 2018 and 2019, with more people looking for reunion dinner restaurants (including those offering non-Chinese cuisine), CNY decorations, and fashion and makeup – which Google said only peaked close to the start of the festival, as people were waiting for promotions.

Last year, Singaporeans spent an estimated S$2.3 billion over CNY – more than double the amount the nation spent during the massive Singles’ Day sale on November 11, it added.

The search giant said Singaporeans were more likely to try out new products and brands during CNY compared to the rest of the year.

“The growing interest in Chinese New Year and the meticulous planning involved indicate that Singaporeans spare no expense to get into the festive mood,” it added.

Google said an increasing number of locals were also going onto YouTube for Chinese-language content to watch during CNY to get into a festive mood.


Source: Business Insider

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