3 August 2020, Monday | 07:47pm

Sabah mum suspects son stole money at school, finds out he was selling grasshoppers to friends


PETALING JAYA, Jan 7 — With just RM2 given to her son before school, Hasmi Samsuddin was shocked to discover that her seven-year-old son Qaiser Rifqi Martin came back home with RM4 in his pocket.

She took to Facebook to share her astonishment and annoyance with his sneaky marketing tactics in school to double his money.

On just the second day of school, 35-year-old Hasmi from Kota Kinabalu wasn’t expecting any surprises from her son, who is only in his first year of school.

She was understandably puzzled as to how her son managed to come home from school with RM2 more than he was given earlier in the day.

Hasmi explained that her eldest had come home from school and kept asking her where his piggy bank was because he wanted to “deposit” some cash.

“It was only on the second day of school. I was shocked that he brought money home from school, because I only gave him RM2, but he brought back RM4,” Hasmi told mStar.

“I thought he had stolen the money from his friends, but when I asked him where he got the money from, he said that made it selling grasshoppers to his friends.”

Hasmi didn’t know how to react to Qaiser’s unique and innocent response after being accused of stealing.

She added that she was extremely irritated but also amused that her son would start his own side business in school and said that she also uploaded the post so that her husband could enjoy their son’s antics too.

Her husband, Martin Tamrin, works as a sailor and spends most of his time at sea, so Hasmi wanted to share some of Qaiser’s early school memories with him while he was away.

“Actually, the reason I posted it on Facebook was so that his father could see what his son is up to while he’s away at sea.

“Out in the ocean, the phone line isn’t strong. I wouldn’t be able to call him. So I put it on Facebook for his dad to see.”

Hasmi’s post has since caught the attention of social media users with nearly 6,000 likes and 4,000 shares since it was uploaded last week on Friday.

Many from all over the country have been cracking up over Hasmi’s post as many have praised young Qaiser for his adept business know-how and even shared some of their own money-making tricks when they were in school.

“It looks like this kid is set to be a future millionaire. From an early age, he already knows how to do business and to save the money after that instead of spending it all,” wrote one user.

“Such a smart kid. I used to be like that too. I’d sell chocolates and chips in school for cheap, and even bring my mom’s cake to sell,” wrote another.

Others said that Qaiser should study hard and make use of his talented business skills, while some were more intrigued as to why Qaiser’s friends would even want to buy a grasshopper in the first place.



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