13 August 2020, Thursday | 09:47am

Passengers safety is the main priority- MAHB


SEPANG: Malaysia Airports released a statement to clarify the ordeal faced by passenger Wan Fadillah Wan Ahmad and his daughter at klia2 on 31 December.

Malaysia Airports expresses its sympathy on the matter, but stated that security protocols need to be executed according to regulations set by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Malaysia, Immigration Department of Malaysia, and Royal Malaysia Police where passengers must produce only original identification or travelling documents for boarding.

 “While we understand the inconvenience caused to the parents and child involved, we were not able to compromise on this matter as the measures are in place for airport security to safeguard the national gateway against unsecured access, for the security and safety of the individuals as well as airlines alike.

“It is our duty to ensure that all travellers have valid and original travelling documents before they are allowed to board any aircraft,” Malaysia Airports said.

Malaysia Airports further clarifies that Wan Fadillah’s child was not left unaccompanied at the terminal, contrary to the reports, but was seen accompanied by an elderly couple through its surveillance camera and left the airport in a vehicle at about 1.48pm.

“We were comforted that the child was not left alone at the airport, contrary to the claims in the news,” it said.

Malaysia Airports stated that it seeks public understanding of its role in safeguarding airport security as well contributing towards national security, especially in view of previous cases of human trafficking, some involving children, and hopes the public especially parents can appreciate the diligent screening done to ensure the highest level of security and safety at Malaysia’s busiest exit point.

“Nevertheless, we will continue to work with the relevant authorities to improve on our processes, to better service the travellers.”

Malaysia Airports issued the statement to clarify on article by Sarawak Voice Daily entitled ‘Kanak-kanak 12 Tahun dari Kuching Tersadai 9 Jam di klia2 Kerana Polis Bantuan Hilang Budi Bicara' dated 31 December 2017.


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