29 February 2020, Saturday | 03:02pm

Parents anxious after 19 pupils diagnosed with Influenza A in Butterworth school



BUTTERWORTH: Nineteen students from two classes in a primary school here have come down with Influenza A.

The school will be closed and sanitised in the evening on Wednesday (Jan 8).

A spokesman from the school said they received a notice from the district Health Department to close down two Year Two classes, after some students were affected by the disease.



“Due to time constraints, the school’s Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) posted a notice on Facebook so that parents from the two classes do not send their children to school today (Jan 8), as we only received instructions from the district Health Department at around 5pm yesterday (Jan 7).

“Other parents who were worried came to bring their children home this morning, ” she said.

The school has 1,600 students.



Source: The Star

Photo: vitdaily.com

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