31 October 2020, Saturday | 08:36pm

New KBS agency to drive Malaysia’s National eSports Roadmap


The Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS) has introduced another agency, Esports Integrated (ESI), to push forward the National eSports Roadmap.

Its minister Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican said ESI would be a catalyst to drive eSports development, just as the National Sports Council drove traditional sports.

During the launch event, it was revealed that ESI’s immediate plans, in line with the Roadmap, was to debut its first annual eSports Conference as well as the Malaysian eSports Championship, both in November.

ESI’s headquarters in the Spacerubix community centre in Puchong would also be made into the ministry’s eSports Hub by 2021.

Further construction was planned to start next year to develop the space into a tournament and event venue, as well as a training ground for amateur players and pro teams.

During a press conference after, Reezal Merican assured that the agency would not clash with the existing Malaysian eSports Federation (MESF).

He explained that ESI’s duty was to execute government initiatives, while MESF was the governing body of the industry and would also aid in rolling out plans on a national level.

In addition to functioning as an agency, ESI was also a part of Impact Integrated, a company limited by guarantee by the Youth and Sports Ministry.

Impact Integrated CEO Ahmed Faris Amir reiterated that ESI was not a central body or regulator, and would work alongside stakeholders.

“In fact we have been in talks with MESF on how to work together and what each entity’s roles will be,” he said.

He added that as a corporation, ESI would aim to affect change through advocacy and lobbying as it would not have any regulatory or enforcement powers or responsibilities.

Source: The Star Online


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