13 August 2020, Thursday | 10:19am

Meet the Quran memoriser who has one lung


Some may not be able to speak or understand a single Arabic word, but they manage to perfectly and tunefully recite the Holy Quran, which represents the highest level of standard Arabic language. Others may not be physically fit or have some health issues, or even have one lung, but still they are so persistent to learn the Quran by heart and recite it in a perfect way.

This is actually what happened with 21-year-old Nader Mahmoud Kouja who represents Lebanon in the ongoing 23rd edition of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (Dihqa), Ramadan 2-14.

"I know it is a big challenge to finish this sacred mission with not only one lung but with also some respiratory issues."

But, to have the honour of memorising the words of Almighty Allah is one of a kind, he added.

"To memorise the holy Quran, one feels safer, more relaxed, and inspired," he said. "Your spirit, heart and mind become more divine and closer to the Great Creator."

To memorise the Quran, one will be definitely happy and satisfied in both life and the hereafter, he explained. "The Quran has significantly sharpened my memory, boosted my academic performance, and won me people's respect."

"I stared memorising the holy Quran at the age of 14 and finished three years later when I was 17 despite my health challenges."

Nader, whose name means something rare or one of a kind, learnt the Holy Quran at the mosque where small classes were held on a daily basis."

"My competent Quran teachers were a great help," he said, adding that his parents were also a big support for him in this mission.

"They have always encouraged me to have this honour which makes them happy as well."

Nader, who leads worshippers in prayer back home in Lebanon, studied Sharia or Islamic sciences in his hometown Tripoli. He wished to continue his graduate study in the same discipline "to be a competent scholar in the future."

"I do believe in and adopt what Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: (The best of you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it to others."

Though it was Nader's first international Quran competition to chip in, his performance and beautiful recitation have mesmerised the jury and audience at the Dubai Chamber where is global competition is running.

"I have participated in three local Quran competitions and managed to seize advanced positions in them all."

The Dubai International Holy Quran Award has become a leading hub for full Quran memorisers from around the globe, he underlined.

"It is an honour and a big dream to compete in such a prestigious competition, and meet this big number of full Quran memorisers; 90 this year, from all over the world."



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