29 February 2020, Saturday | 03:03am

Mat Sabu: Those who insult Armed Forces are our enemy



KUALA LUMPUR: Those who insult the Armed Forces are our enemy, irregardless of their race, says Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu (pic).

"Lately, there have been several negative, even insulting, statements about our security forces.


"This happens because some parties have a poor understanding of the role of the Defence Ministry and the Armed Forces in protecting the nation's interests.

"The peace we have today is due to the nation's security forces, especially our soldiers, " said Mohamad during a press conference at Wisma Pertahanan after launching the Kibar Jalur Gemilang campaign for his ministry on Friday (Aug 16).

"Don't look at it as a racial issue. How come when a former Sabah Chief Minister utters insults, netizens do not shout, but when a non-Malay says it, they do. I do not want that.

"For us, whoever insults the Armed Forces are the enemies of the country and its people, " he added.

He added that it was thanks to the Armed Forces' sacrifice that businesses were able to flourish in the country.

"The peace that we enjoy today is the result of our soldiers who are willing to risk their lives. Let us stand behind them.

"We can criticise but not to the point of insult, " he said.

He also confirmed that police reports on the comments had been made and that he would leave it to the police to investigate.

However, Mohamad did not say if the report had been made by the ministry or otherwise.

Previously, Koon stated in his blog that Armed Forces personnel were "doing nothing except eating and sleeping and that some of them should replace the foreign workers in the Felda plantations".

His statement drew the ire of the National Patriots Association (Patriot) and Defence Ministry.



Source: The Star

Photo: Malaymail

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