20 February 2020, Thursday | 06:25pm

Malaysians, much better together


American band The Strokes came up with a masterpiece of a song titled Alone, Together in which it encapsulates how one can still be together, although apart. While the Americans strives on being alone, Malaysians on the other hand, find ourselves blossoming in togetherness- celebrating our glorious melting pot of cultures. And as we enter the 62nd year of independence, it is more vital than ever that we preserve our nation’s unity. And that my friends, is why we need to rekindle the Muhibbah spirit.

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) highlighted the importance of Muhibbah in their recent video for Merdeka and Malaysia Day. The 2-minute video reminds us of how Malaysians have come together from diverse parts of the country, be it from the historical state of Malacca or the Land below the Wind, all done in pursuit of their dreams. It takes us back to early primary school days, when children are introduced to the Jalur Gemilang- colouring in the 14 states represented in alternating red and white stripes across the Malaysian flag.

“Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju”. The line we all sang in unison for our beloved Malaysia. Regardless of race or culture, we are all Malaysians and we must conquer challenges together to be progressive and united. This is evident in the snippet featuring Padmathinathan who has loyally served MAHB for 24 years, as well as Kedahan Abdul Wahab who is in charge of Flight Operations as he reminisced precious moments with MAHB for the last 12 years. Because when we are all united to work, there is nothing that we won’t do.

So this Malaysia Day, lets pay homage for our country ala MAHB. Begin with a smile that we often witness by the warm airport personnel greeting us as we enter the departure hall, followed by the generosity that is graciously given by the clad-in-blue CARE ambassadors and end with gratitude as the familiar chime starts ringing in our ear, signalling that it is time to enter the plane to another journey.

But, little did we know that the journey of Muhibbah had already begun here at home when we embrace each other’s difference and knowing that the true strength lies in our relationship, and that is what makes us family. And as families we know that this particular journey will only make us stronger and better, together.

Check out MAHB’s video here:



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