14 July 2020, Tuesday | 02:08pm

MAHB to improve guest experience at klia2


PETALING JAYA: In gearing up for the upcoming Visit Malaysia 2020 (VM2020), Malaysia Airports is working closely with several ministries such as the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, as well as government agencies such as the Royal Malaysia Police, the Department of Immigration Malaysia, the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, and the Land Public Transport Agency to ensure that passengers passing through its airports are ensured of a seamless experience.  

Among the major initiatives included are the relocation of the Eraman emporium at klia2 to cater to the expansion and reconfiguration of the immigration arrival area. The layout and plan for the new configuration was shared with the representatives of the ministries and agencies, in which the initiative was very well-received.

This reconfiguration will ensure that the counters and Autogates are placed at the most optimal location and allow for a more comfortable and smoother flow of immigration process for the convenience of passengers.

A total of 50 immigration counters and 10 Autogates will be available for arrival immigration at klia2. The relocation work will take about seven weeks and estimated to complete by 31 December 2019.

Source: Malaysia Airports

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