10 August 2020, Monday | 08:20pm

Locals in dilemma, offshoot from freeze on foreign employment


MALAYSIANS have been faced with all sorts of challenges since the novel coronavirus hit our shores. From fear of infection to restriction on movements which affected businesses, the economy and job losses. Our latest predicament and a considerable one affecting many lives is the desperate need for domestic maids.

A joint press release by the Association of Employment Agencies, Malaysia (P.A.P.A), The Malaysian National Association of Employment Agencies (PIKAP), The Human Resources National Organisation (PUSMA) and Persatuan Agensi Perkhidmatan Swasta Malaysia ( PAPSMA), representing the nation’s private employment agencies, raised the issue, which is affecting many households.

The group said they support the government’s plan in putting Malaysians first where employment opportunities are concerned. But they also had concerns when the Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri S. Saravanan announced on Monday, of the freeze on intake of foreign workers until the end of this year.

While we are fully committed in helping the unemployed locals to get jobs, most Malaysians (females) are still not willing to work as domestic maids and the demand for domestic maids are highly sought after, the group said.

With more and more industries and businesses re-opening and the freeze on employment of foreign workers, many families are caught in a dilemma.

According to the group, the public have raised issues like who will look after aged and ailing individuals who need assistance, or parents who both work and have young children.

“We have also many requests from new mothers and expectant mothers that they need assistance of a helper to take care of their new babies. Many applications for domestic maids have been approved by the Malaysian immigration but they could not come in because the borders were still closed.

“Besides, Philippine has permitted its domestic maids to Singapore and Taiwan and Singapore has opened up its market. Therefore, we urge the Malaysian government to allow domestic maids from at least the Philippines to come so as to ease the problems arising by the non-availability of locals who are not willing to work in this sector,” the group pleaded on behalf of the many Malaysians.

Meanwhile, the group said the Secretary of the Philippines’ Department of Labour and Employment, Silvestre Bello III has assured that his government will ensure full cooperation in making sure the domestic maids are well briefed on safety measures and SOPs.

“We need these domestic maids from the Philippines to start working and support their families. Many of them are sole bread winners for their families and many are stuck in their hostels in Metro Manila Philippines without any income since the pandemic. Most of them already have approved visas to enter into Malaysia,” the group quoted Bello.

“The government has allowed expatriates and MM2H applicants to hire domestic maids hence we appeal that Malaysian employers too be able to employ their domestic maids,” the group said in the statement which carried the plight of many Malaysians expressing their woes.

Source: The Sun Daily



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