19 August 2019, Monday | 02:54pm

Karen Mok marks 25 years in show business with final concerts


Fans of Hong Kong singer-actress Karen Mok should “lap it all up” at her upcoming Singapore show, as it will likely be one of her last major concerts in this region. (Though word has it, Mok will bring her concert to Malaysia later this year.)

Mok, who turned 49 on June 2, wants to venture into the world of musicals and theatre instead when she goes into what she calls the second half of her career, after her current concert tour ends.

“I find that it’s the most challenging of all performing arts. In a musical, you have to sing, dance and act live and do it every night. That’s quite tough,” she said at a recent press conference at an interview in Singapore.

“For our industry, I feel we really should have our own form of Chinese musical theatre, just like how London has West End and New York has Broadway. I hope to do something to make this happen one day,” added the singer-actress, who played Mimi in an Asian production of Rent in 2005.

But Mok, who launched her career in Hong Kong with her selftitled Cantopop album in 1993, emphasised that she is not leaving show business. “I’m not going to retire because performing is my life’s mission. It’s something I knew I wanted to do since I was little,” she said.

The entertainer, who wore a billowy red jumpsuit that accentuated her slim figure, was in Singapore to attend the Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards and to promote her show on June 15 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

It is part of The Ultimate Karen Mok Show concert tour, which kicked off in Shanghai in June last year to mark her 25-year-long career in show business.

A two-time winner of Best Female Mandarin Singer at Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards, Mok has released more than 30 music albums and is known for hits such as Yin Tian (Overcast) and Ta Bu Ai Wo (He Doesn’t Love Me).

She said: “With a solo pop concert, there’s only so much one can do. These are your songs and this is your basket of material, so how different can you regurgitate it every single time?

“So by now, after 25 years, this is the ultimate I can do with the material that I’ve got.”

Her concert  will include Western elements such as tango and opera, and Chinese music ones like folk music. It will also have an element unique to Singapore, which she is not disclosing for now.

She said of her decision to chart a new course: “I just don’t want to repeat the predictable – put out an album every one or two years and then do a tour. I’ve done that a few times already. Now, I want to challenge myself and while surprising others, also surprise myself.”

Besides dabbling in musicals, she is also on the lookout for budding artists to sign to her own music label, Mok-A-Bye Baby Records.

But first, after her tour ends, she will take a year-long break next year to spend time with her German-born husband Johannes Natterer. Perhaps they will drive around the countryside, she said.

“But don’t worry, I’ll still be preparing for what’s coming up after the break is over, I’m just not physically working, that’s all,” she added. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network



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