7 July 2020, Tuesday | 04:22am

Kancil power: Malaysian couple travels over 1,500km to Laos with car bought for RM1,500



KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4 — The legendary Perodua Kancil has once again proven that the homegrown car, which turned 25 this year, can still go the distance.

This was the case when an adventurous Malaysian couple embarked on an ambitious journey from Malaysia all the way to Laos in their compact Perodua Kancil.

The duo kicked off their road trip last week and have since been documenting their journey on Facebook.

In multiple Facebook posts, Azman Ali shared various photos and videos of small villages, beautiful landscapes and gastronomic delicacies while driving through Thailand to get to Laos.

Azman Ali on the way to Laos with his Perodua Kancil. — Picture via Facebook/azman.ali.3152


In one of his posts, Azman praised the car for going the long distance without giving any problems.

“Thank god the car I bought for RM1,500 is still holding on even after driving it for 1,500 kilometres in two days,” wrote Azman on Facebook.

The Facebook posts, which garnered numerous positive comments, were accompanied by many photos and videos of Aman and his turquoise-colour Perodua Kancil throughout his journey to Laos.

The couple are also often seen cooking their own meals while enjoying the scenic view along the way.

They ended their journey in Laos on Monday and are currently heading towards China border.


Source: MalayMail


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