2 April 2020, Thursday | 10:30pm

Japanese airport introduces dog toilet for travelling pets



OSAKA: The Osaka International Airport which serves as a popular tourist spot in western Japan, including Kyoto and Kobe, is set to become the first airport in Japan to be equipped with toilets for exclusive use by dogs.

Osaka airport authorities decided to introduce the facility after receiving requests for it from airline officials and passengers travelling with their pet dogs.

According to a statement from the airport operator, Kansai Airports, airlines also requested for the facility as they have had occasional accidents involving dogs relieving themselves on board aircraft.

Kyodo News said that the airport straddling Osaka and Hyogo prefectures introduced the roofed outdoor canine bathroom since yesterday for daily use from 5.30am to 10pm.

“We hope (the introduction) will lead to stress reduction by allowing dogs, along with their owners, to go to the toilet before boarding,” said Kansai Airports, which also runs Kansai International Airport and Kobe Airport.

The dog toilet will be located at the airport’s pick-up and drop-off area.

It is equipped with bathing stations, a self-cleaning ‘pee pole’, a water bowl and benches for dog owners.

Meanwhile, service dogs are allowed to use the accessible toilet near the pet relief area, along with ones in the terminal.

The restroom which was installed last December is indicated with an assistant dog pictogram and equipped with an intercom system.

To use the accessible toilet for service dogs, owners need to prepare urinary pads.





Source: News Straits Times

Photo: CNA

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