29 February 2020, Saturday | 01:09am

Indonesia Reveals Their Own MCU (Called BumiLangit Cinematic Universe) And Its Superheroes



In the superhero world, only two powerhouses come to mind – Marvel and DC Comics.

So, anything beyond that is probably unknown or unheard of.

But one Asian country has decided to introduce their very own legion of superheroes - heroes that we Asians could relate to. 

Indonesia has just introduced their very own version of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) called BumiLangit Universe (BLU), adapted from local superhero comics.


The first phase of the BumiLangit Cinematic Universe.

The first phase of the BumiLangit Cinematic Universe.


Director Joko Anwar shared images that contain titles of the movies in the first phase of the BLU.

The movies will be released over the span of five years beginning 2019.

There will be eight films in total – ‘Gundala’, ‘Sri Asih’, ‘Godam & Tira’, ‘Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu’, ‘Patriot Taruna’, ‘Gundala: Putra Petir’, Mandala Golok Setan’, and ‘Patriot’.

What’s even more surprising is that our very own local actor, Bront Palarae, who has been making waves in Indonesia, will also be part of the BLU.
Bront will be playing Pengkor.
Spot our very own Bront Palarae in the mix!
Spot our very own Bront Palarae in the mix!
Other popular Indonesian stars who will be part of the BLU are Chelsea Islan as Tira, Dian Sastrowardoyo as Dewa Api, and heartthrob Nicholas Saputra as Aquanus.

From the looks of the poster, the BLU looks very promising and we hope that it’ll live up to fans’ expectations as they will definitely compare it to the MCU.

The first film from the BLU will be ‘Gundala’, which will premiere in Indonesian cinemas on 29 August, and Bront will also be in this movie.




Source: RojakDaily

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