26 September 2020, Saturday | 09:53am

Health DG refutes claim he is COO of 'gem-mining company'


KUALA LUMPUR - Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah is known as a doctor, surgeon and more famously, Malaysia's director-general of Health.

However, unscrupulous parties on the internet have claimed that he is the chief operating officer of a 'gemstone mining company.'

The company, Kashi Mining, on its website claims it is an 'award-winning company' and owns gemstone mines in Africa.

This was rejected outright by Dr Noor Hisham in a Facebook posting today.

He said he was informed that the company had used his image in its website and described him as its COO. This, he stressed, was false.

"For your information, Kashi Mining has used my image in its website, saying that I am its COO. This is clearly false," he said.

Checks on the company's website, which claimed it is based in Jalan Patau-Patau, Labuan, showed that it used Dr Noor Hisham's image as its COO.

The name accompanying the image, however, is listed as Aidan Razif.


担任矿业公司COO? 诺希山照片遭盗用| 国内| 東方網馬來西亞東方日報


The company is also found to have used the image of Mohamad Abdullah, who is Universiti Sains Malaysia's (USM) Student Affairs and Alumni Department senior deputy registrar, as its chief executive officer.

Mohamad's name, however, was changed to Mohamed Lew.

Mohamad, via his Facebook, labelled the claim as "ridiculous."

"Scammer. Someone used my photo purportedly as its company management. Absolutely ridiculous." he said.






Source: New Straits Times                   https://bit.ly/32OZCLo

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