3 June 2020, Wednesday | 02:12am

GOT Season Finale: Who will sit on the Iron Throne?


For all of us who are fans of Game of Thrones but have not touched a single George R.R. Martin’s GOT novel, let alone realise that the author has yet to release another two of his books planned eight years ago, the 80-minute season finale has us going on a wild-goose chase on whether the episode would end in any way more tragic than our favourite characters’ (Jamie-Cersei-in-embrace included) massacred ending.

The fact that Jon Snow-Kit Harington himself was oblivious to whom actually killed the Night King in episode four and was frustrated by the absence of his one-on-one duel with the head of the White Walkers, to the abrupt “heroic” end of the 7 seasons long awaited battle with the Army of the Dead by Arya Stark has us all dreading how the show would finally unfold.  

Here are some of the least depressing and more interesting theories Reddit GOT fans think would happen in the season finale:

  1. Arya kills the Mad Queen 

Arya’s chance of finally killing a queen may transpire, only it may not be the one she earlier intended to kill. With the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms buried under the Red Keep, the Red Witch's prophecy of Arya to close "green eyes" forever may mean that it was Daenerys all along. Arya may very well decide to add one last name to her list and in all hopes that it will not be in a quick Night-King-death of her opponent this time.


  1. Jon fights Dany in a combat to defend Tyrion’s sentence

After the battle, Tyrion's betrayal of freeing Jamie is discovered and Dany sentences him to death by fire. However, Tyrion requests a trial by combat and Jon volunteers as Tyrion's champion hoping it will stop Dany from killing Tyrion. Dany agrees to fight Jon on Drogon's back and as Drogon attempts to burn Jon only to realize Jon cannot be burned by fire. Jon fights Dany and on the verge of losing, Arya enters the scene and puts her archery skills to work, putting a tragic end to Dany’s madness. 


  1. Cersei survived the falling rubble and is out for revenge

Tyrion discovers her sister isn’t the worst inhumane being after last episode’s genocide, and teams up with Cersei who miraculously survived under her beloved lover-brother embrace. They plot their revenge with the help of Bronn, who awaits a higher reward than the Highgarden. Tyrion kills Dany by stabbing her in the throne room, ending her reign and becoming the new Kingslayer. However, Jon still does not want the throne and returns north as Warden of the North. Gendry, Roberts last surviving heir is next in line for the throne based on the Baratheon succession as he and his people fight Cersei for the throne.


  1. The new Night King arises and ascends the throne

Samwell Tarly discovers the Three Eyed Raven is the true enemy as it was Bran who warged into Drogon, and set Kings Landing aflame. Bran had actually meddled with critical moments in history and it shows Bran's deep connection to the Night King. Bran would then borrow Sansa’s dragon glass dagger and stabs himself with it, and rises from his chair as the new Night King, along with all those who perished the last few episodes. Hence, Bran, the Night King, will sit on the throne, surrounded by rising burnt corpses and everything alive will perish as winter has finally come to stay.

No matter how the ending falls apart, as we know it will, all hope won’t be gone for book author Martin to mend fans’ broken hearts as his novels The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring may “resurrect” our lovely Missandei and Grey Worm and give them a proper honourable path in the story, in addition to giving our beloved Queen of Dragons a restored encounter with Cersei Lannister she rightly deserves.

Fret not, should fans still be in devastation on how or when the show ends, British website Bark.com is launching a ‘Game of Thrones’ counseling service offering expert advice on how to deal with the loss. Let’s all put our hands together now and hope all will not be lost for the ending of the greatest (or worst) HBO show in history.

By: Diyana Pfordten

Picture: Rojak Daily


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