19 September 2020, Saturday | 11:45pm

Fitness coach conquers Mount Kinabalu peak with three-year-old daughter in tow



PETALING JAYA, Feb 4 — It was an unforgettable moment when Siti Aminah Borhan got to look out over the clouds at the top of Mount Kinabalu with her three-year-old daughter Sofia.

The fitness coach and her daughter began the gruelling hike on January 28 and successfully reached the 4,095-metre high peak after 19 hours.

Siti Aminah is now hoping that Sofia can potentially earn a spot in the Malaysian Book of Records as the youngest person to reach Mount Kinabalu’s summit.

In a series of Facebook posts, she shared her experience of conquering the tallest mountain in the Malay Archipelago with a young child in tow and the challenges they faced, including unpredictable weather with temperatures dipping as low as two degrees Celsius.

“The journey wasn’t easy but this is a memory that will last a lifetime.

“Thankfully, everything went smoothly and throughout the journey, Sofia didn’t make a fuss and she occasionally walked on her own without needing to be carried the whole time,” wrote Siti Aminah.

To combat the cold, Siti Aminah made sure to wrap her daughter up in four layers of sweaters and trousers that kept her warm and snug.

After receiving backlash from some social media users who thought the climb was too risky for a child of Sofia’s age, Siti Aminah clarified that they were accompanied by a guide and a doctor all the way.

“For those asking about Sofia’s safety, we did not go alone.

“I was with a doctor who made sure Sofia was okay and he helped us along the journey.”

Before embarking on the mission, Siti Aminah said she put herself through a two-day training course at Bukit Maragang in Kundasang, Sabah to prepare herself for the challenge.

She described the path to Mount Kinabalu’s peak as a “never-ending flight of stairs” that almost made her want to give up.

“When I looked up at those ‘stairs’, I almost wanted to cry.

“I asked God, what am I doing here? I should just be staying at home and relaxing.

“But Sofia? She made everything easier. She didn’t say she wanted to go back once nor did she throw a tantrum.”

Sofia’s patience and endurance of the steep ascent gave Siti Aminah the strength to power on and they were rewarded with stunning views at the mountaintop.




Source: MalayMail

Photo: @sitiaminahborhan Instagram


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