15 December 2019, Sunday | 04:39pm

FaceApp - the hottest trend now on social media



KUALA LUMUR: Over the past week, social media users especially on Facebook and Instagram have been hit with this latest app craze called FaceApp, which allows you to see how you look like when you get old.


Pic from Instagram/@jonasbrothers


People and even local artists and celebrities have posted their old age look. Interestingly, this app manages to produce realistic and believable transformation of a person’s ageing face.

FaceApp is a photo editing app that uses neural network technology to create realistic photo edits. Developed by Russian company Wireless Lab, the mobile app first went viral in 2017, and this time it skyrocketed because of the new filter.


Pic from Instagram/@renner4real


Pic from Twitter/@BTS_twt


Pic from Twitter/@GordonRamsay




Source: New Straits Times

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