5 June 2020, Friday | 04:41pm

Dr M: Unity govt with Umno and PAS? No thanks



KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has turned down an invitation by Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan to form a “unity government” with Barisan Nasional, PAS and East Malaysian parties.

The Prime Minister said Pakatan Harapan has no interest in forming a unity government with the Opposition, as the Cabinet is made up of ministers of various racial backgrounds, in line with Malaysia's diverse social setting.

“Every government formed since Merdeka until today has Cabinet members made up of all races.

“This is a fact we cannot dismiss – that the country is made up of various races, and every race has their right in the country, ” Dr Mahathir, who is also Pakatan chairman, told a press conference at the Parliament lobby on Tuesday (Oct 8).

In a statement on Monday (Oct 7), Mohamad had said that if Dr Mahathir was sincere about strengthening the position of Malays and Islam, then the Langkawi MP should form a new government with Barisan, PAS and East Malaysian parties.

“I’m confident that Umno and PAS have no problems in accepting Dr Mahathir and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia in this grand agenda of Malays and Islam, ” added Mohamad.

Meanwhile, Dr Mahathir also dismissed criticisms over his scathing remarks against the Malays during the Malay Dignity Congress last Sunday (Oct 6).

“I wanted to speak the truth .... If we cannot criticise someone, how can we improve them? If they are wrong and we praise them, that is wrong.

“I’m just saying that Malay dignity can only be restored by the Malays themselves, and they cannot depend on anyone else, not even the government.”

Last Sunday, Dr Mahathir said there would not be much improvement in the livelihood of Malays if the Malays themselves did not want to change for the better.




Source: The Star

Photo: Utusan

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