12 May 2021, Wednesday | 04:25pm

Can you catch coronavirus from flatulence?


A GROUP of researchers have found that Covid-19 can spread through fecal matter, according to New York Post.

This condition triggers the question on whether or not the virus can be transmitted through flatulence.

A well-known Scottish Australian physician, Dr Norman Swan said in a podcast that people should avoid farting near each other.

Time quoted Dr Christopher Gill, associate professor of global disease at the Boston University School of Public Health saying that the virus that causes Covid-19 is an airborne pathogen and humans are its primary delivery channel.

This statement leads to Dr Swan’s claim on a radio podcast on ABC, the Coronacast saying that everyone should be responsible to not pass wind to one another, and people should ensure to not fart with their bottom exposed.

Dr Swan said clothing acts like a mask which provided some kind of protection from coronavirus, referring to people’s pants and trousers.

New York Post also wrote that people should flush the toilet with the lid down, as the virus can be transmitted through aerosolised feces.

An article by The Conversation urged people to take precaution by flushing the toilet with its lid down which can prevent around 80% of these infectious droplets from escaping into the air.

Hence, we should always close the toilet lid when flushing especially in public toilet.

Source: The Sun Daily


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