7 June 2020, Sunday | 04:16am

Alleged underage girl in intimate selfie with actor Aliff Aziz says they met at ‘private party’


PETALING JAYA, May 14 — The girl in the intimate photo which led to the split of actor Aliff Aziz and his wife Bella Astillah has spoken up to give her side of the story.

In an Instagram live video, she admitted that the picture did indeed show her and the Singaporean singer and actor, but maintained her innocence amidst accusations that she was a homewrecker.

Social media users claim that the girl is only 17 years old.

“They don’t know what I’m feeling and because of that, they’re just cherry-picking (parts of the story).

“My skin is thick because I’m not guilty,” she said in the video.

She later explained that the photo was taken at a private party hosted by her adopted brother.

An individual who says that the girl has debts to pay later spread the picture online as an attempt to get her to cough up the cash.

When social media users began asking her about it, the unnamed girl brushed off the issue saying that the picture with Aliff had nothing to do with her owing money.

She also defended herself from users who said that she had ruined Aliff’s marriage.

“He already has problems with his family and you still want to involve me.

“If you want to make me viral, do it with a photo of just me and be done with it. You don’t need to involve him,” she said in the video.

Aliff’s wife Bella announced their separation earlier today on Instagram following the social media uproar over pictures of him posing topless with the supposedly underage girl.

It was the last straw for the 25-year-old who previously forgave Aliff for two other cheating scandals in the past, with actress Afifah Nasir in 2017 and actress Oktovia Manrose just three months ago.



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