5 June 2020, Friday | 07:28pm

Ainul's return delayed due to fever


MELAKA: It looks like Ainul Mardhiah Ahmad Safiuddin, the baby girl who underwent surgery for a Germ Cell Tumour would have to stay in London a little bit longer.

She was supposed to return home on Monday at 9.30pm (London time) and expected to arrive on Tuesday at 5.30pm (Malaysian time), but was delayed as she was down with fever and cough.

Ainul’s father Ahmad Safiuddin Ahmad Razak, 24, said she had been on antibiotics since Monday, when the hospital noticed she was unwell and having difficulties sleeping.

“The hospital did not allow her to travel, to avoid potential flight risk,” he said in a Whatsapp reply to Berita Harian at about 2.05am (London time) today.

According to Safiuddin, Ainul is recovering well now.

"Her condition is better today. She slept well yesterday morning."

Safiuddin said he was not sure how long more Ainul Mardhiah would be in London, but was confident things would turn out well.

Ainul underwent a five-hour surgery to remove 200 grams of mouth tumour at a hospital in London on June 11.


Source - New Straits Times 

Photo - Courtesy of Ahmad Safiuddin Facebook

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