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5 Malay Drama Plotlines that Need to be Stopped!


TV dramas are fun entertainment sources that help us to escape the dullness of everyday life. In every drama there are always a few types of scenes that will make an appearance throughout the series without fail. Malay drama lovers have grown accustomed to watching scenes such as weddings, the million-dollar project meetings, and getting married as soon as you graduate storylines. These scenes have become staple plotlines in our local dramas that it’s abnormal not to have them in it. Aside from these scenes, there are other plotlines that are overly used in Malay dramas. Here are the 5 Malay drama plotlines that need to be stopped.

The Evil Matriarch Out to Ruin Your Marriage

The story of a Malay drama will usually start or end with a wedding.  The drama will then focus on the main characters as they try to work and build their relationship. However, a happily ever after is never easy in Malay dramas. The marriage of our leads will always be tested by the appearance of the evil mother/grandmother who are hell-bent in separating our lovebirds from each other. Prime examples of the evil matriarch plot include Azizah Mahzan in Jangan Ada Benci Cintaku, Zarina Zainuddin in 30 Pesanan Suara.

The Arranged Marriage Plot

In Malay culture family plays an integral part in one’s life. Children are taught early on to obey and respect their parents. In the case of Malay dramas, the arranged marriage plot has been used over dramatically to paint the family dynamics in the Malay culture. Check out just a few of the many examples of this plot in Sebenarnya, Saya Isteri Dia! and Hello Mr Perfect.

The Having an Affair Plot

It’s a bit of a mystery why this plotline seems to be a favourite for some writers. Clearly having a third person in your relationship is not a healthy option. Yet, this drama trope seems to be a must have in our local hit dramas.  In these cases, you need to be a bit patient while watching this plotline in dramas such as Jangan Ada Benci Cintaku, Cinta Bukan Kristal and Kekasih Paksa Rela.

The Anak Datuk Anak Tan Sri Plot

One of the most essential storylines in Malay drama is the “anak datuk anak tan sri plot”. Characters in Malay dramas tend to hail from affluent families in society. The main goals of the families are always centred around the merging of their business and familial ties. Some of the dramas that have this classic plot are Vila Ghazara and Halalkan Hati Yang Ku Curi.

The Jealous Friend Plot

A good drama always needs a good villain. In the case of Malay dramas that villain is in the form of a jealous ex-girlfriend/boyfriend or friend.  These green-eyed monsters would do anything in their power to make the lives of our main characters a living nightmare. If the character is based on a jealous friend pretty much the whole series will focus on the character trying to ruin the business or love life of their enemy. Moral of the story is you need to choose your friends wisely.

Although these plotlines tend to be overly used it seems local viewers can never get over them. Instead it has become a favourite thing for us to love to hate. Do our TV drama producers have what it takes to explore other stories or plots? Will our TV dramas finally grow and be less of a joke?


Written by: Liyana Z

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