18 January 2021, Monday | 12:24am

180 ‘sextortion’ cases reported in Selangor this year, says state CID chief


PETALING JAYA: A total of 180 "sextortion" cases have been reported in Selangor this year, says Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Fadzil Ahmat.

He said the suspects would prey on the victims, regardless of their age or gender.

"They would dupe the victims to the extent that the victims would share their naked or obscene photos with the suspects.

"After getting to know the suspect, the victim would then share their sexy and obscene photos as well as videos.

"In the end, they would be extorted by the suspects to the tune of thousands of ringgit in exchange for not making the photos go viral online," he said when contacted recently.

Between Jan 1 and Nov 30,180 of such cases were reported in Selangor, SAC Fadzil said.

"Among the cases involved someone the victims knew, including an ex-husband or former boyfriend.

"There were also cases where victims who were duped by syndicates, who befriended them on social media sites and duped them into sending their obscene videos," he added.

The extortion syndicate targeted both men and women, regardless of their age or race, SAC Fadzil said.

"After getting in touch through social media, the syndicate would convince the victims to strip naked while they recorded the act.

"The syndicate would then put a price for not sharing such photos or videos online," he said.

Among the applications used by the syndicates were WeChat, Facebook, Michat and WhatsApp.

"The syndicates would demand between RM10,000 and RM20,000.

"If their demands are not met, they will share the naked pictures or videos on social media or with the victims' family members and friends," he added.

SAC Fadzil advised the public not to be easily duped by such tactics.

"The people should be wary and vigilant when using social media and their actions online especially since ‘live’ sessions can be easily recorded and stored.

"Don't easily trust those whom you just met on social media as many have fallen victims to such scammers," he said.

Source: The Star Online



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