5 June 2020, Friday | 09:29pm

10 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About Travelling via Malaysian Airports


Your upcoming holiday is around the corner and the most exciting part of the year is about to kick-off. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your bags packed and arriving at the airport to start your journey. As your dopamine level kicks in and you stride the airport check-in with style, don’t forget to check out these facilities at the airport that would make the start of your trip even more pleasant.   

Long Term Car Park at KLIA

For travellers who plan to take long overseas trips or even short domestic ones and need to leave your cars at the airport, fret not as the Long Term Car Park (LTCP) is located just a few minutes’ drive away from KLIA and klia2, equipped with clear signage for easy directions to the area.

Ensuring the safety of parked vehicles with 24-hour security, the gated facility also offers 6,000 sheltered parking, ladies-only lots, toilets and cheap local eateries options for the convenience of airport passengers or even friends and families waiting for the arrival of loved ones. Keep yourself dry and sheltered too with the covered walkways that would lead you straight to the free shuttle bus.

The bus will be there every 15 minutes throughout the day (and night!) for passengers catching their planes at KLIA or klia2. With parking rates as low as RM2.50 per hour or RM32 per day, it would definitely be a cheaper go-to option for travellers. 

Instagram-worthy Restrooms

Forget smelly and repulsive toilets, be at awe instead when you enter the vanilla-scented, bright and perfect-for-selfies washrooms at the KLIA and Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA). Travellers would not fail to notice the distinct aviation-themed washrooms at klia2 too. The newer and improved washrooms are located at the Arrival Hall, Level 3, and Gate A3 of KLIA, as well as the Departure Area, Level 3 of the KKIA, made to be more spacious with new amenities such as more urinals, built-in bidets and jet hand dryers.

Be humoured with cartoon posters reminding travellers of their responsibility of keeping the toilet clean and dry for other travellers, as well as an efficient QR Code or WhatsApp number for complaints and swift action of unkept toilets. Don't forget to drop a smiley rating of the toilet on the interactive screen on your way out too!

Powering up

As travellers lounge at waiting areas and get connected to the hassle-free airport Wi-Fi, don't forget to charge up your phones and be ready to navigate your way to your new destination. With additional charging stations at Kuala Lumpur and Sandakan airports and seats with USB charging ports at Langkawi International Airport, passengers can just sit back and relax, with enough phone battery to last the day.

New centralised bus ticketing system at KLIA

Need a cheap but comfortable way to get to the main attractions in Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Malaysia? With over six bus operators awaiting passengers, breeze your way through the centralised ticketing system as you choose your destination from its bus schedules shown on screen, and you’ll be ready to hop on to your preferred destination.

Chilling at Sandakan Airport

If you're in the second largest town in Sabah, enjoy the Chillax Area at Sandakan Airport as you wait for boarding. Relax your aching muscles at the lush sitting area with faux grassy carpet as you read a book or watch Netflix at its super-comfy seats. 

Tending to your babies' needs

While Kuala Lumpur airports are well-equipped with these mommy care rooms, mommies travelling through Borneo airports will also have a peace of mind knowing a modern breastfeeding room with cozy sofa seats are located at the Departure Halls of the Sandakan and Miri Airports.

Track your Car at KLIA

Never lose sight of your car at the parking lot again when you park at the Block C of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Using the latest technology, your plate number will be captured upon entering the car park and travellers can easily track their cars’ whereabouts using its licensed plate number through the “Find My Car” kiosk. Now that’s fancy!

Latest Flight Information

Get updated on real time information of boarding time, flight status and check point queues through a seamless mobile application, the #MYAirportsApp and never be late for your flight again.  

Go Cashless in Kuching International Airport

No cash in hand? No worries as you can take advantage of the cashless transactions at the first cashless airport in Kuching using AliPay or VCash. With these cashless transaction platforms, travellers to be both secured and carefree while shopping at the airport. 

Indulging in the Malaysian Experience

What even most frequent travellers do not know is that you can enjoy local Malaysian art when you ride the shuttle bus from the KLIA Main Terminal Building to the Satellite Building to board your plane. Encounter a different kind of experience with an airside view as the bus brings you amongst gigantic airplanes whilst you indulge in the interior of the bus filled with exquisite motifs reflecting the Batik, Peranakan and Tribal origins. That right there is the best way to level up your “travelgram” game.

Find out more about the airports operated by Malaysia Airports and what they have to offer in terms of new services and facilities via their social media accounts; the account handle is ‘Malaysia Airports’ for FB and IG. Look out for the #1improvement1week for a quick shortcut to get all the useful tips above and more.






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