20 March 2019, Wednesday | 12:21am

Tony Fernandes

Tony, where is my RM3 refund?

Imagine if you are renting a residential property, and besides paying for the house, the landlord also charges you for the use of the road and street lights going towards your house.

Video clip of Tony Fernandes' wedding reception going viral

The video, which appears to have been taken by an unidentified person seated at one the tables, pans to the right, showing some of the other guests at the banquet and ends with Benet on stage, performing with a live band.

Questions over 13 sick pilots at AirAsia

Question marks have arisen over why AirAsia Bhd was forced to delay or cancel multiple flights out of klia2 over Monday, November 30 and Tuesday, December 1 which left hundreds of passengers stranded at the low-cost terminal.

QPR boss Fernandes calls for video replays to assist referees

SYDNEY ― Queens Park Rangers' chief Tony Fernandes today called for video replays to assist referees, saying it was “crazy” football did not use technology in the way cricket and rugby does.