17 July 2019, Wednesday | 03:42am

Lion Air

Voice recorder of doomed Lion Air jet depicts pilots' desperation

The pilots of a doomed Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX scoured a handbook as they struggled to understand why the jet was lurching downwards, but ran out of time before it hit the water, three peopl

Families of Lion Air crash victims demand search for wreckage continues

The Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX vanished from radar about 13 minutes after taking off from Jakarta on October 29.

Lion Air ponders canceling Boeing jets in row over crash

Kirana, who is now Indonesia's envoy to Malaysia but still carries weight at the airline he co-founded with his brother in 2000, ordered the review in response to a Boeing statement focusing attention on piloting and maintenance, the person said.

Lion Air jet 'not airworthy' on flight before crash

Indonesian investigators said today a Lion Air Boeing 737 jet that plunged into the Java Sea, killing 189 people onboard, was not airworthy on a flight the day before it crashed on Oct.

Basarnas ends search for Lion Air crash victims

The National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) stopped the search for victims of Lion Air flight JT610 on Saturday, almost two weeks after the plane crashed into the Java Sea with 189 people on board.

Video Simulasi Detik Terhempas Lion Air JT610 Catat Sejuta Tontonan

29 Oktober lalu, dunia dikejutkan dengan kejadian kecelakaan sebuah pesawat penumpang milik Lion Air JT610 yang terhempas ke lautan Jawa mengorbankan kesemua penumpang.

Crashed jet's elusive audio may hold key to Indonesian tragedy

JAKARTA (Nov 5): Search crews hunting for the remains of Lion Air Flight JT610 have found the data recorder, engines and body parts of some of the 189 victims. But the key to solving the mystery behind the crash is still missing: the cockpit voice recorder.

One of two black boxes recovered

JAKARTA: Indonesian navy divers recovered the black box of downed Lion Air flight JT610 which holds vital clues on what caused Indonesia’s worst aviation disaster in two decades.

‘You could feel the explosion’: How Indonesia Lion Air tragedy unfolded

A passport holder belonging to a victim of the Lion Air passenger jet that crashed on Monday is seen in the waters of Ujung Karawang, West Java, on Monday. Photo: AP.

Lion Air plane missing 13 minutes after take-off from Jakarta on Monday morning

JAKARTA (The Straits Times/Asia News Network): The Indonesian authorities have mounted a search and rescue operation for a missing Lion Air plane which lost contact with air traffic controllers at 6.33am on Monday (Oct 29).