19 February 2019, Tuesday | 07:51am


Chris Evans in talks to join Antoine Fuqua thriller

Chris Evans also plays a leading role in the new Apple series, ‘Defending Jacob’. — AFP pic

Jobs of the future: Top five emerging careers

CHOOSING the right course to study after secondary school is one of the most important decisions in life.

Provocative essays from Yuval Noah Harari on the human condition

A friend of mine has an interesting analogy of modern life. We are, he says, 1.0 systems operating in a 6.0 environment. In other words, our world is evolving far more quickly than we can keep up.

Why you can’t take photos inside India’s Golden Temple anymore

India has banned tourists from snapping photographs inside the Golden Temple, one of its most popular attractions located in the city of Amritsar, to preserve the sanctity of Sikhism’s holiest shri

5 hottest trends that will define 2019 fashion

With 2019 finally here, it is high time that you get acquainted with the latest trends hitting the runways.