25 May 2019, Saturday | 06:36pm


'Wolf packs a common trend in I.S.' - Counter-terrorism expert

KUALA LUMPUR: The Islamic State (IS) group’s use of ‘wolf packs’ — small cells of radicalised people who are sympathetic towards its ideology — replicates most of the terrorist groups in Indonesia.

Body of Malaysian militant Dr Mahmud Ahmad seen in video

PETALING JAYA: The bodies of Malaysian militant Dr Mahmud Ahmad and his pregnant wife are believed to be among the 50 found under a collapsed building in

Iraqi army says fighting near Tal Afar worse than Mosul

Members of Iraqi Army fire mortar shells during the war between Iraqi army and Shi'ite Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) against the Islamic State militants in Tal Afar

Man carrying ISIS flag, armed with meat cleaver shot dead by Paris police on Charlie Hebdo anniversary

The Paris prosecutor said the man was also carrying a mobile phone and a sheet of paper bearing the Islamic State flag and a claim of responsibility by the militant group written in Arabic.

ISIS not Muslim, people of other faith defaming Islam: Assam leader

According to the senior Muslim leader, due to the destructive activities of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the entire Muslim community is affected globally and suspected to be involved or sympathiser of terrorist activities.

Perancis bertindak balas, lancar serangan terhadap kubu IS di Syria

PARIS: Pesawat pejuang Perancis mengebom kubu kuat kumpulan militan IS di Syria pada Ahad sebagai tindak balas selepas serangan terancang kumpulan itu mengorbankan 129 nyawa di Paris.

Pemimpin Malaysia turut diancam militan Isis, kata Hishammuddin

Beberapa pemimpin negara ini pernah dimaklumkan turut berada dalam senarai mereka yang menjadi sasaran kumpulan militan Negara Islam Iraq dan Syria (Isis), menurut Menteri Pertahanan Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

Tony Blair mohon maaf

LONDON – Bekas Perdana Menteri Britain, Tony Blair akhirnya meminta maaf kerana tercetusnya perang Iraq dan mengaku dia juga perlu dipersalahkan atas kewujudan kumpulan militan Isla­mic State (IS).

Australia investigates Islamic State 'hit list' claims

Authorities are investigating claims the so-called Islamic State (IS) has published information about Australian officials, urging attacks on them.