20 January 2019, Sunday | 11:55am

Wild boar gone wild in supermarket


JERANTUT: A video recording showing a wild boar at a supermarket has gone viral on Facebook, since this morning.

The two minute and 13 second video is believed to be recorded by a customer at the supermarket. The animal appeared to be lost at the plastic goods aisle, and was seen trying to escape while being chased out of the store by employees.

According to the supermarket spokesman, M. Prathap, the wild boar entered the store around 8.30am. This is the first recorded incident in the store.

“We don’t know where the animal came from…most probably it was chased away by local residents before getting lost in the supermarket. Security guards only took two minutes to shoo the animal out of the store, he said, adding that the animal was only in the front of the store area, and did not venture towards the back.”

He added that they have taken appropriate measures, such as throwing away plastic goods in the area of the incident and nearby aisles, as well as cleaning up the surrounding area.


Source: NST/ http://bit.ly/2ChouM9

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