22 November 2017, Wednesday | 06:50pm

When You Have a Bad Day and You Have Sh-Stuff to Rectify


You know how it is. You’re at work, having a bad day, feeling on edge and just one little push could cause a major catastrophe. Self-expressing on a microblog could’ve help distribute the pressure build up. Only problem is, forgetting the fact that you’re on the company’s Twitter can make your day a whole lot worse.

That is what we think might happened to one of AirAsia’s employee who is responsible for a blunder post on Twitter. Caught by the wind quickly, netizens decided to play around with it.


The post somehow has been taken down within minutes, although one netizen swiftly took a screenshot of the original post beforehand, in remembrance of the once in a blue moon occurrence. “Who hurt you @AirAsia?” asked Twitter user @KhabirM. Believe me, we are concerned with your well-being, unknown employee of AirAsia.

Jason Ng, an ex-Wall Street Journalist, currently a Nikkei Markets bureau chief for Malaysia was among the few people who managed to see the post first hand.

The post somehow left a mark in netizens who are still shocked and in disbelief, with others commenting jokingly about it.




It is not the first time we come across bizarre Tweets by renowned company accounts.

McDonald’s for instance:








The post was claimed to be posted by either hackers or a rogue employee and the company later tweeted an explanation saying their account had been “compromised”.


Taco Bell, infamous for their mean yet witty Tweets:





















Anyhow, now that the post has been taken down, someone really does have *shit to rectify.

*Please excuse the expression.




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