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What is a Black Hole?


Imagine a flow of water falling into the waterfall. The closer you get to the edge, the faster the current.

Now take this imagination and put it into space. Where the black hole is the waterfall and everything else is water. If you get to close, you will get pulled in.

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The easiest way to explain black hole is a gravity point that is so strong that even light itself cannot outrun this. We all know that speed of light is the fastest in the universe. Here is a simple example of why light itself cannot outrun black hole. Take a rubber ball and toss it into the air. After reaching a period of time and height, it will go back due to gravity. Even if you toss it with a rocket launcher.

But try shooting a laser pointer (which is basically photons) into the air, will it go back down? No.

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This is because the speed of light can outrun the gravity of earth. But the same case doesn’t apply against black hole because the gravity there is so massive the light will then go upward at some point and then bend toward the black hole.

And because the light cannot outrun the gravity, the black hole is considered invisible to the naked eye but physicist and astrologist can predict the black hole by seeing the immense amount of energy that comes from the black hole.

If you're wondering why photons can be affected by gravity (it's light right? it doesn't have mass), you can look to Einstein for that answer. His equation, E=MC2 shows that E (energy) is equal to M (mass) times the constant speed of light (C) Squared. Therefore you can always translate energy into mass, and mass back into energy, and mass always effects energy, and vice versa.

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Are we going to die from black hole sucking us in?

The answer is ‘No’ because there is no black hole that is too near to earth to the extent that the black hole can pull us in. And the sun itself will not turn into a black hole because the sun is too small to become a black hole.


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April 13, 2018, 06:24PM

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