24 April 2018, Tuesday | 08:43am

Shell Charges RM4.09 for a Litre of RON95, Fuelling Nationwide Anger


George Town – The social media sphere was recently abuzz with the news that Shell has accidentally overcharged users with petrol at RM4.09 per litre.

The news made waves in several news portals, after a posting by Facebook user Martina Abu Hanifa garnered over 25k reactions and 48k shares. The user also tagged

“There are more than 700 Shell stations nationwide but we do not know to what extent the damage is to the rest of us customers,” said Hafidzi who drives to work from Butterworth to Penang.

It was reported by a local news portal that a domestic trade, cooperatives and consumerism official from Penang mentioned that the government is investigating 48 petrol stations in the state after complaints were received.

 “We felt cheated by Shell. Always check the volume of fuel filled before leaving the station,” said @dylawok, a netizen who shared a posting about the mishap.


A motorist from George Town, who declined to be named, claimed that the overcharging issue has occurred in other countries as well. According to him, it may be due to a technical or system glitch when configuring the new price of fuel based on the float price.

We later found social media posts where netizens posted evidence of being overcharged by Shell. Similar to the recent incident in Malaysia, the stations involved had initially refused to refund or correct the error.

Shell issued a statement today that the exorbitant RM4.09 pricing lasted for one and a half hours, beginning at midnight. Shell said 160 transactions had been affected and requested customers to bring their receipts to station for reimbursement of the difference.


Image Courtesy: WorldOfBuzz/http://bit.ly/2q1CpA6

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