20 January 2019, Sunday | 11:48am

Running 101


Out of all the exercises out there, running seems to be the easiest. First of all, you don’t need much equipment for it. If you have a good pair of running shoes, you’re almost set to go.  Secondly, you can practically run anywhere outside, you don’t need a gym membership to do it and Usain Bolt always seems to just fly in his runs, so hey maybe it’s not that tough. Albeit looking like a simple exercise, there’s actually some techniques and things that need to be considered before you start running that will help you to run better and will help you achieve greater results with your body.

Invest in a Good Pair of Running Shoes

Like the famous saying “If the Shoes Fit, Wear It” it is very important that you find a pair of running shoes that fits you perfectly. Owning a good pair of running shoes could help prevent you from suffering from any injuries and also help you to be more comfortable while you run.

Pace Yourself

Running is all about pacing. If you’re just starting to run it’s important to pace yourself. Start slow by walking first and you can gradually start running as your training progresses. These days there are tons of running exercise applications that you could download to help you plan your run better.


Starting something new is always hard and turning it into a good habit is always harder. A good way to keep up motivation is by finding friends or a group to do it together. Having a group allows you to discuss and share your experiences with one another. But if the situation does not permit you to do that, plan your run. Plan it from the music you listen to, your workout gear, the route you’re taking. Planning ahead allows you to be excited on what’s to come.

Running is equally physical and mental. It will not just help you to stay fit but it will also allow you to grow stronger mentally as well. It is also important to remember that running does not mean it’s a race. The most important thing is to pace yourself and flourish on your own.

Written by Liyana, Z.

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