21 October 2018, Sunday | 09:50pm

Recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital a flagrant violation of Palestine's rights.


A man walks by as the Israeli national flag and an American one are projected on a part of the walls surrounding Jerusalem's Old City. REUETRS

KUALA LUMPUR: The move by the United States to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and setting in motion a plan to move the US’ embassy from Tel Aviv to the viciously contested holy city is a flagrant violation of Palestine’s rights.

Chief executive of the Centre for Human Rights and Advocacy (CENTHRA), Azril Mohd Amin said the move was one of the most vile, unjust and revolting positions ever made by a world power regarding the Palestine-Israel peace process.

CENTHRA naturally condemns and denounces in the strongest terms the move by President Trump presumably to fulfil a domestic campaign pledge by him as a presidential candidate last year.

“Indeed the promise should have never been made, as the final status of the holy city has rightly only been subject to a final deal made in peace negotiations between Palestine and Israel,” he said in a statement today.

Jerusalem or Baitulmuqaddis is a city considered sacred for three world religions namely Islam, Christianity and Judaism. For Muslims, the city is the third holy land after Mecca and Madinah.

He called on the United Nations Security Council to intervene and reaffirm the position of Jerusalem as subject to a final agreement between Palestine and Israel, consistent with international law and universal human rights principles.

CENTHRA also urges the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to meet on this issue, and take drastic and resolute steps in view of the US move, including a review and if possible, downgrading or severance of ties with the United States over the same.

“The US must be made to know that its recent action in this regard has consequences and these are not to be taken lightly,” he stressed. – Bernama


Source: NST/ http://bit.ly/2nAtidD

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