21 October 2018, Sunday | 09:44pm

Promoting Langkawi’s Tanjung Rhu beach to end popular Chenang’s congestion


The Tanjung Rhu beach in Langkawi. — Picture courtesy of Google Maps

LANGKAWI, Dec 5 — There seem to be no clear indication that the problem of congestion experienced at the Chenang Beach, one of the top tourist spot in Langkawi, would end any time soon.

Come this holiday season, the problem at this popular seaside is likely to worsen as the number of travellers flocking in were expected to grow leaps and bounds.

While some of the steps taken by the local authorities to regulate movement of vehicles into the beach area had helped a little bit in improving the situation at the seaside, the traffic scenario along the road parallel to it had not changed much.

Since two years ago the local authorities have gone the extra mile in finding a solution including issuing contracts for pedestrian pavements, road resurfacing and a big parking area … only to see them to progress half way and remain uncompleted until now.

Promoting other beaches in this island, which are as beautiful, is now seen as a solution to overcome the concentration at Chenang Beach and the one at Tanjung Rhu has the potential to be turned into a world class seaside.

Langkawi's beautiful beaches

There are a number of beautiful beaches other than at Chenang that travellers could opt to go in Langkawi to spend time relaxing.

These beaches, however, were given lesser attention with some being turned into exclusive areas after being bought over by the private sector for hotel and resort development.

The Tanjung Rhu seaside at the northern part of the island is one of the beaches that still remains as a public place and with its natural beauty, could rival the popularity of Chenang Beach if properly managed.

As of now, only a couple of tourism activities take place at this beach and the most recent were the Langkawi Beach Festival and the Oceanman Langkawi, a global open sea swimming competition.

Although the number of activities held were limited but it is enough to show that Tanjung Rhu beach has to be promoted as another world class seaside attraction.

Promoting Tanjung Rhu

Langkawi Development Authority (Lada) chief executive officer, Datuk Azizan Noordin, is among those who saw the beach's potential had suggested the creation of permanent facilities as a way to promote Tanjung Rhu beach.

“We need a lifeguard post at the beach, beef up the infrastructure and logistics like parking spaces and gazebos for the convenience of tourists. All these had to be permanent,” he told Bernama recently.

The successful organisation of the first ever Oceanman Langkawi event was also a testimony of the beach's potential, he said as the organiser had already indicated their interest to continue making it as the site for their future race.

Azizan said the hopes expressed by this international event organiser should be reciprocated with measures to improve the facilities at the beach .

“I would like to suggest that parties with the expertise in beach management to be appointed to carry out the beach maintenance so that it is fit to be called an international class and suitable for event organisation and recreation,” he said.

Public beach

Meanwhile, Langkawi District Officer Isahak Murat said the promotion of Tanjung Rhu Beach as a seaside destination was one of the options that is currently being considered as a move to solve the congestion at Chenang Beach.

He said some parts of the Chenang Beach were no longer opened to the public as it had grown more like a commercial beach now.

“The tagline for Chenang to be known as a public beach is diminishing and we do not want this to happen to other beaches as well,” he said.

According to Isahak, his office had so far received proposals from the Langkawi Municipal Council and Langkawi Human Development Foundation where both parties were keen to take up the management of the Tanjung Rhu Beach.

“We are welcoming others to present their proposals to us, but most importantly I would like ideas that the beach remained open to public and could promote a sense of belonging and awareness on beach preservation,” he added. — Bernama


Source: TheMalayMail/ http://bit.ly/2Awf967

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