16 July 2018, Monday | 10:53am

No major road closures during SEA Games, say police


Billboards featuring pictures of athletes are seen along the road near KL Sport City ahead of the KL 2017 Sea Games in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur Aug 8, 2017. — Picture by Miera Zulyana

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 11— Motorists can breathe easy during the SEA Games.

City police chief Commissioner Datuk Amar Singh revealed there will be no road closure as selected roads would be diverted to handle the expected congestion within KL Sports City in Bukit Jalil.

“Police escorts will be following the athletes’ buses from their hotels to the sporting venues along predetermined streets,” he said.

“Please give your cooperation as members of the public and adhere to instructions from the traffic police as priority will be given to these athletes’ vehicles.”

Amar said at least 7,000 officers from the Kuala Lumpur police contingent along with 1,098 traffic policemen would be on patrol during the Games, with reinforcements from other states.

He urged the public to utilise public transport when heading to venues, as there would be no public parking available at KL Sports City.

Sports fans can park their cars at Selangor Turf Club or at Technology Park, where shuttle buses would be provided from designated parking areas from 5.30pm.

Amar warned against parking vehicles along the roads near the sports venues as police had issued a towing order with immediate effect.

“Towed cars will be taken to a depot within KL Sports City,” he said.

Should the depot reach full capacity, the towed cars would be brought to the police evidence yard in Sungai Besi.

“They will have to pay a RM300 fine, RM100 towing fee, and RM50 a day for parking in the depot centre to collect their vehicles,” he said.

“After a certain period, unclaimed vehicles will be auctioned off.


Source: TheMalayMail/http://bit.ly/2wNBgzY

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