24 April 2018, Tuesday | 08:40am

Netizen Gets Crowdfunding Campaign Rolling For Pahang Biker Teacher


KUALA LUMPUR: Teacher Ahmad Saidin Mohd Idris who gain instant fame on social media and beyond for his dedication – biking 135km daily through dense forest and muddy paths to school – may soon be rewarded with a scrambler thanks to a crowdfunding drive.

When the New Straits Times (NST) ran a story online about the humble hero on Teacher’s Day, it gained traction fast with netizens posting heart-warming messages and some even proposed to organise fundraising campaigns to assist the 40-year-old to use a much safer mode of transport to school.

One such Netizen took matters into his own hands, launching an online crowdfunding campaign via Generosity.com for Saidin.

Hazim Nordin said he was inspired by the teacher’s story and hoped that through the crowdfunding drive, all Malaysians can come forward and help make Saidin’s daily commute to work tolerable by giving him a scrambler.

On Generosity.com, Hazim said: “To be honest, I don’t know much about scramblers, but I did some price check at Mudah.my and I believe we can get him a good scrambler for around RM10,000.”

He also added that while he personally did not know the “awesome teacher”, Hazim said if Saidin did not see a need for a scrambler, he can utilise the funds for the students at the school.

Saidin is currently attached to SK Lenjang in Lipis, which caters to 456 Orang Asli students from 17 surrounding settlements.

“I believe Malaysians have hearts of gold and will see (it) through that this teacher gets a scrambler!”

According to Malay Mail Online, which Hazim said had contacted him to get word on the campaign out, the 39-year-old said that even if the drive did not meet the targeted US$2,500 by its June 17 deadline, the funds collected will still be disbursed directly to the teacher.

“I think people appreciate the effort that’s being put in by this teacher. Fellow Malaysians are talking about it, they empathise with teacher and they see his struggle in getting education to students,” he was reported as saying.

Hazim, who is a software developer in Cyberjaya, decided to help netizens move beyond empathetic words and took action after seeing suggestions on the Internet to give Saidin a new motorcycle.

“We believe in certain causes, we empathise with good stories, but we are not doing much to help them out,” he had said.

Hazim told the online portal that he sees himself as a coordinator and would have donated to the campaign had it been started by someone else.

“(I) really hope that we will have a culture to move things, to take action when we see the opportunity to help.”

So far, the campaign has raise US$262 in one day through the donations of eight individuals


Source: NST/http://bit.ly/2rx8JMv

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