25 June 2019, Tuesday | 06:59pm

Loke to announce new rules for vehicle window tinting tomorrow


KUALA LUMPUR: The new ruling on tinted windows for vehicles will be announced tomorrow after a meeting with the Road Transport Department (RTD), Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook said today.

“Yes, we have had talks with RTD, and I will announce the new ruling tomorrow at a press conference,” he said after his interview on The Nation talk show produced by Bernama News Channel here.

Last Nov, Loke had announced that there would be a new policy on tinted windows for vehicles after the media reported that the guidelines had been changed several times by the previous government.

Loke said anyone seeking an exemption from the new ruling must obtain authorisation from the RTD director-general, where additional charges will be imposed.

“The exemption has to be on grounds of either health or safety.

“I must clarify that the extra charges are only for those seeking an exemption, and not for everyone,” he added. -- BERNAMA


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